About Us

What makes us unique?

The Servants By Design materials are embedded with the Process Communication Model (PCM) Inventory, one of the most predictive personality tools available on the market. PCM was discovered by Dr. Taibi Kahler and is used in 51 countries and in over 24 languages. Over 1,000,000 inventories have been taken using the PCM tool.

This video gives a brief introduction of the Process Communication Model.

The PCM inventory gives us the ability to tailor every piece of curriculum to the participant’s communication style, motivation, and distress sequence. This adds value to the spiritual formation skills we are teaching by providing a personalized touch in every setting.

To learn more about the Process Communication Model you can visit www.kahlercommunications.com, or contact us to for an informational call.

Our goal is to foster a community of Christians who seek to use this tool for spiritual formation, personal development, and to nurture health within the church. Be sure to subscribe at the bottom of this page to learn about ways we are developing this community.


How to use our products

Servants by Design is the spiritual application of the Process Communication Model and is designed for religious settings. The tools we’ve created generally have a specific purpose in mind, although different applications are always being developed.

Small Groups: The most common way this material is used is in a small group setting. That might be a mid-week group, a Sunday School class, or youth group. The small group tools are generally designed for 4 to 6 week sessions, and use the results of your unique inventory to engage a specific season of the year or topic of interest.

Leadership Development: Those using our tools for leadership development might offer it as a training for their staff team, leadership groups, or as professional development for church members. Often a training like this would be facilitated by one of our certified trainers. If you’d like to be in touch with a trainer contact us for more information.

Counseling: Many pastors and counselors have used the tool to facilitate pastoral care, pre-marital counseling, parenting groups and family ministries.

In one of our blog post we explore even more applications of the tool.