Trainer Interest

When you become a Servants By Design trainer you have access to administer inventories for individuals within your local ministry setting. Trainers are the only ones who can facilitate the Servants By Design Leadership Profile, and they have the ability to run profiles for pre-marital counseling, leadership training, workshops, and other uses.

Trainers must complete 2 days of Process Communication Model training and attend a Servants By Design “Train the Trainer” event (Some exceptions apply). If you would like to be a trainer, complete the form below and we will contact you soon. If you already know you have the pre-requisites you can register by finding a training near you.

Trainer FAQ’s

What does it cost to become a trainer?

If you are starting from scratch, becoming a trainer will cost 2 days and $300. If you already have the PCM prerequisites it will cost 3 hours and $140.

What do profiles cost?

Servants By Design Leadership is the primary trainer tool and costs $25/person to take the inventory and receive a profile.

Other profiles range from $20-$35.

Where can I train the materials?

All Servants By Design Trainers are restricted to their local church or para-church organization. If you aren’t sure if your context is a religious setting please contact us before setting up the training. If you already hold a certification in PCM your restrictions are any church or para-church organization. If it is not a religious setting you can hire a PCM Certified Trainer. Our team at Plus Plus Global would love to help with that!

How would I use the Tool?

Churches have used Servants By Design materials for new member orientation, leadership development, staff training, as part of their discipleship pathway, or as a tool for finding ministry settings.

Pastors have used Servants By Design for premarital counseling, in pastoral care, to write better sermons, to develop self care plans, to manage competing desires within a congregation.

Schools or Universities have used Servants By Design with new students, as a vocational discernment tool, to facilitate dorm room life, and more.

Non-profits have used Servants By Design to train new staff or interns, to develop better communication practices, and to address unresolved miscommunication.

Check out our blog post on Applications to see more ways people are using the tool.

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