Applications of Servants By Design

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One question we get often is how the Servants By Design tool can be used. Because it is context neutral the possibilities are endless, but also with so many options people can fee overwhelmed with how to apply the model. Below are several of the key ways that Servants By Design is being used.

  1. Volunteer Development: Use Servants By Design as a prerequisite to serving on leadership committees in your church. Doing so ensures that volunteers are growing in self-awareness and communication skills before they are put into leadership. These are often 6-8 week courses with 1.5 hour sessions.

  2. Staff Training: Help your staff have a common language and give them the ability to appreciate the different strengths within themselves and others. This is often done in a one day retreat.

  3. New Member Classes: Introduce new members to a healthy culture by sharing Servants By Design with people as soon as they enter the community. Help new members know they are loved by God and that they have giftedness to serve.

  4. Pre-Marital Course: Use the Servants By Design tool with couples who are preparing for a wedding. Introduce themselves to their own psych needs and help them commit to offering battery charges to their partner. This often is best in 3 one hour sessions with homework in-between for the couple.

  5. Parenting Course: Help parents understand their children’s distress and motivators. Maybe even more important give them the tools to stay out of distress themselves! These are often 6-8 week courses with 1.5 hour sessions.

  6. Internship Training: Give the gift of personal development to your interns. Help interns learn their strengths and weaknesses as they begin to learn who God created them to be. This is usually done as a one day training.

  7. Accreditation/Certification Programs: If you have an accreditation or certification process you manage consider adding Servants By Design as the self awareness component. This could be as part of a journey to ordination, or a certification in lay ministry. These are best via our online cohorts coming spring of 2019.

These are just some of the amazing ways that our network of practitioners use the Servants By Design tools. How are you using the tool? Share with us in the comments and keep the Servants By Design community strong!