Introducing Plus Plus Global

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In late October 2018 we got the chance to visit Little Rock, Arkansas, where we spent the day with the incredible Dr. Robert Maris. This was the beginning of our new adventure. About 35 years ago, Dr. Maris reached out to his friend Dr. Taibi Kahler about creating a spiritual application of the Process Communication Model. Together with his partner Dr. Jerry Richardson, Dr. Maris developed this tool under several names, including Transpersonal Technologies, Servants By Design, Your Unique Design, and Freed to Be Me, to name a few.

In January of 2019 Plus Plus Global took over as the stewards of this work. We are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue offering Servants By Design resources. Let’s take a moment to introduce the team.

Adam and Ashley Barlow-Thompson: Both are ordained clergy in the United Methodist Church. Ashley serves a local church as Director of Outreach. Adam served a local church for 6 years and has been training PCM full time since 2016. Together they are co-founders of the Neighboring Movement, a non-profit that encourages community transformation from the inside out by increasing neighboring. (

Mike and Cindy Marion: Cindy is a retired high school educator and Mike is a United Methodist clergy. Together they have co-authored five musicals: Peace in the Kingdom: A Musical Parable About Shalom, Stranger at the Table, Where the Heart Is, Trash: The Earth Day Musical, and The Tree and Me. Mike has been a PCM Certified Trainer since 2008 and Cindy was introduced to the model at a retreat led by Dr. Maris and Dr. Richardson.

Karen Rice Ratzlaff: Karen Is an ordained clergy in the United Methodist Church. She has been a PCM Certified Trainer since 2008. Karen has served local churches as an associate and senior pastor. She has been instrumental in developing the use of PCM within the local church and the United Methodist denomination.

Heidi Marion Gordon: Heidi is the daughter of Cindy and Mike and brings an administrative skill to the team.