Theology of Servants By Design

A Theology of Servants by Design


The goal of the Servants By Design resources is to embrace the two Greats found in scripture: The Great Commandment and the Great Commission. We believe that within these two Greats there are four foundational actions necessary for a meaningful and healthy Christian life. These actions are outlined below and are listed in a particular order.

  • The Great Commandment

    • Action 1: Love God

    • Action 2: Love Self

    • Action 3: Love Neighbor

  • The Great Commission

    • Action 4: Make Disciples (Communicate the Gospel)

First and foremost, we must strive to love God with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength. This love for God fuels every other action we take and is found as a component in all the Servants by Design resources. We hope that in learning about God as creator, we begin to see the many different and diverse sides within God’s self. We can also learn how we best connect to God. Using personality, we can determine spiritual practices that work best for our personality and acts of service or justice that match our heart’s desire.

Second, we must learn to love our own design. God created us in God’s image, giving us full permission to cherish our own design. Loving all six components of our personality allows us to be whole and present to God’s Holy Spirit at work within our own personality and out in the world.

Third, we must learn to love the design of our neighbor. By recognizing our commonality, we can also appreciate our diversity. Love of neighbor is the task of seeing all of God’s creation as beautiful and cherished. The Servants By Design materials give us ways to honor each other when we are different.

Finally, steeped in God’s love, cherishing our own design, and with love for our neighbor, we are called to make disciples by communicating the Gospel of Christ to the world. Using the Process Communication Model, we can learn and practice the skills needed to effectively share our faith with others. The Servants By Design Leadership Seminars are designed to help participants learn and practice these communication skills.

You can start living out the two Greats today by taking a look at all of our products and picking the one that is right for your context.