Two Sides of The Coin


In the Process Communication Model (PCM) Taibi Kahler PhD. discovered that distress is one side of a coin, and the other side is psychological needs.

Psychological needs are the born with motivators that we each have and need to practice to stay energized, spiritually healthy, and emotionally healthy. Each of the six PCM personality types has specific behaviors that will energize their psychological need. When we do not get our needs met in a healthy way, we seek them out in a negative way.

That is why distress and psychological needs are two sides of the same coin.

For instance.

Some prize efficient work done on time, but in distress struggle to delegate and get bogged down in details. Then they attack others pushing them away and getting a reputation as a difficult person to work with.

Some prize work that furthers their belief systems and helps them share their conviction. In distress these people become rigid and dogmatic which can turn people away from the belief for which they are advocating.

Some prize unconditional love and welcoming environments. In distress they take care of everyone but themselves until they become needy and lack self-care. Others push them away because they are so desperate to be loved.

Some prize space and privacy for solitude. In distress they end up in isolation because they are left out.

Some prize fun and self expression. In distress they get reigned in and censured because their behavior is too erratic.

Some prize lots of action in a little bit of time. In distress they manipulate others to create negative arguments and unnecessary risk.

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