Why did you change the names?


Those who have used our products for awhile will have noticed a change recently in some of the materials. A few of the personality types changed names! If you are wondering why, then you are in the right spot. This post takes a minute to explain why the names changed.

What are the names?

The name changes are listed below. Also, for those interested, you can learn about the history of the personality type names and why this change was made within the Servants By Design resources.

Names before 2019 —> Names after 2019

  • Harmonizer —> Harmonizer

  • Achiever —> Thinker

  • Persister —> Persister

  • Dreamer —> Imaginer

  • Catalyzer —> Promoter

  • Energizer —> Rebel

A quick history…

Servants By Design is the spiritual application of the Process Communication Model (PCM) originally discovered by Taibi Kahler, PhD. Dr. Kahler discovered the six types within people through an observational method of psychology called Transactional Analysis (TA). In his original discoveries Dr. Kahler was observing people in clinical settings and the behavior he was noticing and cataloging was often negative. The PCM personality type names originally represented these negative behaviors. For example, the Thinker or Achiever was called the Workaholic.

When Dr. Robert Maris created the spiritual application of PCM he wisely anticipated some of these names being a hindrance to the religious community embracing the tool. With that in mind, he altered the names to reflect more positive aspects of each personality type. In 2012, the secular PCM tool updated the type names to match more positive parts of the personality types.

So why change it now?

In 2019 Servants By Design was acquired by new owners. As part of the purchase there has been renewed effort to market and distribute the materials so that more people can begin to appreciate their God-given design and find ways to serve God that compliments their giftedness and motivational needs.

As part of this effort, the decision was made to bring the personality type names into harmony with the global PCM community. The benefits of this change will allow seamless use of the tool in religious and/or secular settings. Whether you come to know PCM through a training at work, or a counseling session at your church, your results will reflect the same names.

Do I have to change?

We are maintaining all of the profiles created by Dr. Maris as part of our Servants By Design Classic materials. These tools will continue to use the pre-2019 names. We also are allowing our partner organizations to decide if they want to update the materials to the new names or continue using the tool with the older names. Any new materials will reflect the name changes.

We know that change can be difficult and so we want to be as accommodating as possible to the practitioners of Servants By Design. We know the names are important, and our goal is that people would use these tools to love God, love neighbor, love self, and share the gospel….regardless of the type name.

If you have questions about the names be sure to let us know in the contact page.