Mondays, am I right?


It’s 6 am and my alarm clock, a very energized seven year old, has me up at an hour my body pretends doesn’t exist. The weekend was great, but that’s gone now. Now it’s Monday.

Let’s face it, Monday’s are a bummer! Here are six ways Mondays are a bummer and six ideas to jump-start your week based on your personality. If you are not sure which one matches your unique design, take the Servants By Design Individual Profile. This self-guided examination of your personality will give you the self-awareness needed to have a great week!


Mondays are a bummer for Harmonizers when your workplace doesn’t feel emotionally safe or physically pleasing and comfortable. To jump-start your week, be sure to take elegant care of yourself on the weekend and find some ways to soften your workplace. That might mean making a close friend with a coworker or adding your personalized style to your work station. 

Thinker (Achiever): 

Mondays are a bummer for a Thinker when your week starts without a plan. If you don’t have some sense of what is to come you probably didn’t sleep on Sunday night, which only is more stressful considering all you have to do on Monday! Jump-start your week by planning your week out in advance. Schedule in an hour on Friday afternoon or Sunday night to map out the week and wrap your head around your to-do list and agenda. A well planned week will put your mind at ease.


Mondays are a bummer if your work has no purpose. If your work doesn’t matter how do you pour your full heart into it? Jump-start your week by starting Monday with a devotional that connects your work to the meaning you want to create in life. Find an inspirational quote that feeds your passionate heart and use it as your mantra this week. Remember the value your work brings not just for you, but for your family, community, and beyond.

Imaginer (Dreamer): 

Mondays are a bummer when you need space, but have to be with people instead. Jump-start your week by taking time on your own to breathe, wonder, and reflect. Jump-start your week by building in space on Monday morning to be alone for meditation and reflection. Allow your self time to picture how you will move through the week ahead.

Promoter (Catalyzer): 

Mondays are a bummer when your week offers no challenge or excitement. If it doesn’t get the blood boiling, what’s the point! Jump-start your week by setting up some competitions with yourself. Set a sales record, make more calls than any of your coworkers, convince ten people to come to church with you, finish a project before everyone else.

Rebel (Energizer): 

Mondays are a bummer when your job is tedious or constricting. You don’t mind working hard, but it had better be fun! Jump-start your week by brainstorming some unconventional ways to spice up the week. Get a fly new outfit, work off-site for a morning, plan some hang time with friends after work, or prep an outside of the box idea for your boss. 

Don’t let Mondays bum you out! Find a way to jump-start your week and let us know what works for you. If you need some more insight into your personality, take the Servants By Design Individual Profile and get a self-guided tour of your unique and God-given design.