(Coming Soon!) Servants By Design Small Group


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Servants By Design Small Group is a 4 week study perfect for your life group, Sunday School class, or home group. This curriculum gives spiritual formation and discipleship a personal touch by embedding the results of your inventory into each weeks theme. The study comes with a facilitators guide for when the group gathers, videos to watch each session, and participant guides with brief reading for each week.

This material can be used in any season and with any age group. It’s theological teaching is around God’s loving design of each person and how disciples might leverage their design for good work in the world.

Scope and Sequence

Servants By Design Small Group is designed for 4 sessions each that are about 1 hour long.

Session 1: Designed in God’s Image

See your personality structure result from the inventory and learn that God lovingly created you and intended you to be as you are.

Session 2: Designed for Connection

Learn how God designed us to be in relationship. We each have a preferred way to be communicated with and we can learn how to effectively communicate with others.

Session 3: Designed With Abundant Gifts

You are wonderfully gifted! Learn which gifts are most natural to you and how you might use those gifts in the world.

Session 4: Designed for Joy

We each experience health and joy differently. Learn the practical action you need to take to maintain good emotional health.


Participant Guides cost $20/person.

Facilitators Guide cost $20.