Servants By Design Online Course



Get the entire Servants By Design training without leaving the comfort of your home!

The Servants By Design Online Course is a two week study into the primary leadership skills offered by the Process Communication Model. This course is offered in partnership with and is offered using a cohort model.

This course is for anyone seeking to grow their ability to be a Christian leader. Pastors can use this course to become more effective preachers and communicators. Volunteer church leadership can use this course to strengthen their teams and gain an appreciation for diversity in giftedness. Students could use this course to experience self-discovery. Or a parent might take this course as a way to grow their ability to connect with their child. If you want to be a better communicator, better leader, and more self-full Christian than this course is for you!

Join with 10-15 other students as you learn the fundamentals of the Servants By Design materials. A facilitator will guide you through videos, readings, discussion boards, and interactive practice of the PCM skills.

Anticipate the course taking about 1 hour a day Monday-Friday for two weeks.

Scope and Sequence

Week 1

Monday: Introduction

·        Video: History of PCM

·        Inventory: Take the online inventory at

·        Read: “10 Permissions” Post

·        Read: Course Overview

·        Discussion Board: Introduction questions

Tuesday: Perceptions

·        Video: Perceptions

·        Read:  “Filter Your World” Post

·        Blog: Create Perception Library

·        Discuss: 1 Content, 6 Perceptions

·        Journal: Introducing the Daily Practice Log

Wednesday: Personality Types

·        Video: Personality Types Explained

·        Read: Personality Type Overview Pages

·        Discussion Board: Q&A About Your Profile Results

Thursday: The Two Greats

·        Video: The Two Greats

·        Read: “The Theology of Servants By Design”

·        Discussion Board: Questions about the Two Greats

·        Journal: Pick a prayer practice to reflect on the two greats

Friday: Channels of Communication

·        Video: Introducing Channels

·        Read: “Getting in Channel”

·        Practice: Chanel Practice Assessment

·        Journal: Daily Practice Log with Channel Practice

Week 2

Monday: Psychological Needs

·        Video: Introducing the Psychological Need

·        Read: “Wring Out Your Sponge”

·        Discussion Board: Make 3 commitments to your Psychological Need

·        Journal: Write a journal about your Psych Needs

Tuesday: 1st Degree Distress

·        Video: Introduction to Distress and Drivers

·        Read: “Drama Sparks” (this is a longer reading and is assigned over two days)

·        Discussion Board: Understanding your own distress

·        Journal: Distress Journal

Wednesday: Responding to Drivers

·        Video: Drivers and Interventions

·        Read: “Drama Sparks” (this is a longer reading and is assigned over two days)

·        Discussion Board: Discuss responding to distress in others.

·        Test: Respond to Each Driver with Correct Channel (With Video)

·        Journal: Continue work on Distress Journal

Thursday: 2nd and 3rd Degree Distress

·        Video: Introducing 2nd and 3rd Degree Distress

·        Read: “Two Sides of the Coin”

·        Discussion Board: Share how it is going meeting Psychological Needs.

·        Journal: Continue work on Distress Journal

Friday: Evaluation and Closing

·        Video: Why Psych Needs Matter

·        Survey: Take the Program Impact Survey

·        Discussion Board: Closing discussion

Cost: $75