P.E.G.S. Assist: Career Guidance



The P.E.G.S. Assist™ provides a comprehensive and concise description of: personal strengths, gifts and talents; preferred way of communicating and viewing the world; environment and organizational structure most conducive to maximizing contributions; motivational factors necessary for continued satisfaction; predictable pattern of negative and self-sabotaging behaviors that will herald early, middle, and late signs of distress, fatigue and burnout; and suggestions for specific actions.

This is not a faith based tool. It is perfect for mentoring, counseling, or helping someone explore their vocation. The P.E.G.S. Assist pairs your inventory results with O*Net Online, a database of occupations maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor. When you take this assessment you will get an individual report in the form of a PDF with information about your inventory results.


$25 for an individual profile