Build A Plus Plus Culture

If you are looking for services that are not in a religious setting Plus Plus Global would be happy to assist you!

Plus Plus Global is the parent company of Servants By Design. At Plus Plus Global we offer leadership development to all clients seeking to build a Plus Plus Culture. Plus Plus refers to an existential position of worthwhile OK’ness. Cultures that exhibit Plus Plus relationships make meaningful connections that build trust, engage through motivation, and offer compassionate accountability.


The Keys to Our Approach…


Every Person is Valued

All people are gifted and when they use their gifts the community gets stronger. Good leaders motivate others to use their strengths.

Conflict is Energy

Conflict is energy and can be leveraged to create positive change. Good leaders do not shy away from conflict or use it as a weapon they leverage its power.

Communication Demystified

Communication is a skill that can be measured and developed through intentional practice. Good leaders can communicate with every type of person.


Compassionate Accountability

Compassionate Accountability™ helps you struggle with others instead of against them. We help leaders become recognized for their: approachability, caring, problem-solving, authenticity, consistency, courage, and more.

The tools we use…

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What they are saying about our tools…


Comparison to other models

69% of participants had used other models before, the most common being: DISC, MBTI, Strengths Finder

97.4% of participants who had used other models rated PCM as “Much more useful” or “More useful” than any other model they had used.

Perception of immediate impact from seminar

  • 71% Work Relationships

  • 69% Personal Relationships

  • 72% Teamwork

  • 71% Leadership Skills

Satisfaction with experience

98% of participants were “Extremely satisfied” or “Satisfied” with their experience.

94% of participants would recommend this program to others. 56% would do so “Absolutely, without reservation!”