Product Overview

Servants By Design creates materials for spiritual formation, but what makes us unique is that every tool is specifically tailored for its user. When you purchase one of our materials you will have the opportunity to take the Process Communication Model Inventory. The results of each inventory will be embedded into your materials and provided to you via a PDF. Search for a product directly or review our product categories below show how you might use the Servants By Design materials.

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These products are designed for an individual who wants to take the profile and have a self guided interpretation of their results. These are available as PDF downloads that can be read on your own time and in your own space. They give insight to your God-given design, how you communicate with others, stay emotionally healthy, and avoid negative distress.



Use the Servants By Design materials with couples to enrich their relationships. These tools are for couples to do on their own, in couples counseling, or for pastors who are doing pre-marital work. To do work with couples we recommend purchasing the Coupls Facilitation Guide, which requires both partners in the couple must take the Servants By Design Individual Profile to use this facilitation guide. Once purchased this guide can be used again and again to help couples understand their God-Given design, appreciate their partner, communicate effectively, and nurture a culture of care for each other.

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Small Groups (Coming Soon!)

New Servants By Design small group materials are released 3-4 times a year. They include a facilitators guide, participants guides with unique results from the PCM Inventory, and videos. The small group studies are designed for 4-6 sessions each lasting about an hour. They are topical based on age, season, current events, and Bible themes. These studies are perfect for your small group, Sunday school class, or youth group.


Leadership Development

For those wanting to go deeper in leadership skills we recommend the Leadership Profile. This tool requires a Servants By Design certified trainer to facilitate the training. Learn more about becoming a trainer here, or contact us about hiring a trainer for your event. This tool emphasizes the Process Communication Model skills of assessing behavior, connecting authentically, motivating self and others, and offering interventions to distress. The Servants By Design Leadership Seminar is designed for 7 sessions each 1.5 hours. It is also a great tool for a full day retreat.

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Classic Servants By Design

In 2019 Servants By Design was purchased by Plus Plus Global. The small group materials and PCM Spiritual were created by that team. All materials created prior to 2019 are still available to those who desire to use them. We have labeled those tools as Classics.