How do you see God?

Read the statements below. Then rank them from 1-6 based on which one resonates most with your understanding of God.

  • From the beginning God sees chaos and out of it brings structure.

  • God knits together creation with intention and purpose.

  • God loves what is created has weaved a story of love into creation.

  • The depths and vastness of God’s love takes great effort to imagine.

  • Following this type of God is a hoot!

  • God has a spirit of adventure and challenges us to action!

The six statements above are targeted based on the six core personality types within the Process Communication Model. They are not in competition with each other, instead they together give a fuller picture of God’s image. When you read the statements it is possible that some felt highlighted, more accurate, or more important. While all six types live in everyone, we each have some that are more energized and one that helps us to filter everything we do.

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